Formula For Glowing Skin - Oil, Water & Orgasms

Formula For Glowing Skin - Oil, Water & Orgasms

Skincare is a science. That much is true. It’s why TV adverts and packaging with secret formulas, scientific claims and proven results are so appealing. It’s why they work. Because, over time, we’ve been taught that our skin needs expertly created, lab manufactured high processed treatments. But not all science is incredibly complicated. 

Formula For Glowing Skin - Oil, Water & Orgasms

The truth is that our skin already contains everything it needs to stay healthy and glowing. What happens through the course of our lives is that this balance gets disrupted by various elements, including wind, air conditioning, sun, sugar and a more processed diet. The multi-billion pound beauty industry puts significant effort into convincing us that the only way to counteract this is to invest in winning-formula creams with unrecognisable ingredients. Yet, I’m a firm believer that only what is found in nature can best support nature. 

Natural ingredients can be used to assist our skin in its defence and vibrancy. Qualities found in plants have been extracted and used for thousands of years and I continue to use them in my all-natural skincare creams and oils today. But what does our skin need essentially to stay healthy?

If we’re talking about what your skin fundamentally needs to thrive then it’s oil and water, but since all good things come in threes I had a good think about what third completely natural thing we could do to keep our skin glowing and, after not all that much deliberation, I realised it was orgasms.

Intrigued? Let’s look a little deeper into this all-natural formula for glowing skin, shall we?

Water For The Skin

Did you know that water makes up 55-60% of the human body? Must be pretty important, right? Hydration is essential to our survival and when the human body lacks the water it needs it begins to shut down quickly. Our organs can't operate properly without regular hydration and the skin is the body’s largest organ. Therefore, the most essential thing our bodies need is water which is why you’ll likely find water is a key ingredient in your skincare products. 

Water For Skincare

Not only does washing your face give your skin a good drink but it also helps to clear pores of all that unnecessary grub that accumulates over a day, including pollutants.

Of course, another essential means of getting water to your skin is by drinking lots of it. Our skin cells love water and need it regularly and no, the water in your coffee doesn’t count (at least not enough). Try carrying a refillable flask with you and up the amount of water you drink from it each week. I think you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes to your skin.

Water is the simplest most effective ingredient we could ever need to instantly rejuvenate our skin and it pretty much keeps everything else in our body motoring along too. So drink it in!

Top Tip - Even though there is water in more moisturisers, you should also use wet hands to apply creams. Since water is absorbed extremely quickly into the skin, applying moisturiser to damp skin or with wet hands, will help your skin to drink in your cream, drawing it down into that deeper layer and also extending the lifespan of the product.

Oil For The Skin

Oil and water may not mix but that doesn’t mean they don’t need one another. Our skin contains lots of lovely natural oils yet oil and skincare have had bad connotations in the past because of so-called ‘oily skin’. This happens when our sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. Sebum is a natural oil found in our skin and hair used as a protective barrier and to lock in moisture. What can sometimes happen is that we produce too much of this and it is not kept in balance with water. Hence, why the solution for oily skin is most often water-based.

Oil For Skincare

However, the natural oils in our skin are highly important because while water hydrates it does not lock in moisture in the same way that oil does. In fact, a lack of oil can make our skin dry and flaky. Oil cleansers (al-natural please) are a good way to encourage skin oils to do their thing. By using oil-based skincare we are restoring that natural barrier and protecting skin from that which might irritate it.

Getting back to the science, water and oil don’t mix but they are both necessary for harmony in our skin. Therefore, it's important you're gifting your skin with both, which may require the assistance of natural facial oil.

Orgasms For Glowing Skin

Have you scrolled down to get to this part? If so I don’t blame you but I do urge you to have a read through why water and oil are essential for skincare first because orgasms are more of a massive bonus. Yes, whilst we will not literally wither away without the occasional orgasm, they do far more for your wellbeing and even your skin health than you probably know.

Orgasms For Glowing Skin

Not every one has to be a down-under earthquake and we needn’t be attempting to administer them daily. However, your body will be grateful for a little flutter every now and then. If you don’t have somebody to assist you with this then not to fret, this can be skillfully undertaken as a solo activity and often even produces better results. So, how do orgasms give you glowing skin?

When a female body experiences sexual pleasure hormones are released. This includes estrogen which helps to maintain collagen in the skin. During sexual pleasure, there is also a rush of blood around the body and this delivers oxygen to the skin, which is why you may notice your skin looking more radiant immediately after sexual activity.

In a more general way, sexual activity releases endorphins, known as the happy hormones, and oxytocin which lowers cortisol and reduces tension. A rise in either hormone calms anxiety and leads to better sleep and a more relaxed self. This fluctuation in our wellbeing needn’t be a short-term benefit either. Regular sexual pleasure can help to maintain a higher level of wellbeing which benefits our overall health, and especially our skin.

Signs of stress, anxiety and generally neglecting to prioritise self-care and health are so often first seen in the skin. So, before we treat the skin we must first ensure we’re taking care of our overall health - managing stress, finding joy and honouring our beautiful bodies.

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