Our Story

person with hair band on holding 3 small face cream jars

In a world full of toxic beauty messages and brands that put profit before your wellbeing, we strive to be different.

I'm Emily, founder of Olive & Joyce. I believe it is possible to be both gentle and powerful and that is what our products are. Built on a philosophy that less is more, we source and blend the earth’s most magical ingredients to craft skincare that is naturally nourishing - Delicious jars of food for your skin, promoting radiance, health and beauty.

It also smells so damn good you’ll want to eat it!

My collection is named after my inspirational grandmothers, Olive and Joyce, and each jar is handmade by me. Legacy is important to us but so is the future. That’s why we are dedicated to protecting the planet and fighting deforestation.

As a child I would always hear ‘less is more’ and ‘waste not want not’. It is these beautiful and powerful words that inspired me to create two products for each skincare range that lasts twice as long as other skincare brands.  Saving the customer money and the planet landfill.  

With these words in mind and my grandmothers love in my heart, I created a rewards scheme on returned empty jars and bottles which I reuse on future orders, therefore reducing waste further.

All of our products are palm-oil free, cruelty-free and use only the best sustainably sourced 100% natural ingredients because all beauty, both yours and that of our wondrous planet, deserves to be celebrated, protected and cared for.

Our skincare is not just about skin, it’s about loving, nurturing and caring for ourselves, animals and planet, like we do our children, our loved ones, and everyone else!

 Each nutritious dollop from each beautiful jar is an expression of loving appreciation.

Click the link Old Magic And New Dreams: The Story Of Olive & Joyce to find out more about our story.

All my love
Emily xxx