How To Create The Perfect At-Home Spa Experience

How To Create The Perfect At-Home Spa Experience

It’s not about beauty and it’s not about expensive treatments. You know the ones - those that claim to restore our youth, or make our hair voluptuous, or make our skin so shiny there’s a risk we’ll glow in the dark. My kind of at-home spa experience or pamper session isn't about all that - it's about connecting with my body. Taking some time for myself and nurturing the skin I’m in and the body that I call home.

Personally, I find that hard to do in a spa. That’s not to say it’s not a wonderful experience to visit a proper spa and be pampered by the professionals - if anyone wants to gift me a spa experience I'd certainly welcome it! Yet, I do like at at-home spa experience too. Mostly because you can do it fairly often and make it more personal. And yes - also because it’s a whole lot cheaper!

So, allow me to take you through creating the perfect at-home spa experience.

Firstly, you need to decide if this is a group activity or if it’s just you. Sometimes I involve my kids and we have fun snacking whilst we pamper and we’ll probably pop a film on too. If I’m having an at-home spa evening with friends it will probably involve wine and conversation (possibly dancing depending on the amount of wine consumed). Often though, I’ll enjoy a pamper evening all to myself and I highly recommend this. Partly because your pamper evening (or day) can then include a bath, but also because It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with your body and make some time to serve the inner spirit, goddess, soul, or whatever you call that divine self inside of you.

A proper at-home spa experience should pamper you from head to toe, so let’s work our way through some of the spa treatments you can try from the comfort of your own home.

Creating A Spa Experience In Your Bath

Bath time is the best time! Well, it is for me. I understand some people aren’t bath people and if you’re one of those people then you may want to skip this section.

For the perfect at-home spa experience in your bath, you’ll want to soothe all the senses. So, lovely smelling bath salts or bubble bath and maybe even a couple of scented candles too, will create the desired aroma. For a truly dreamy experience, set the mood with music or play an audiobook if you prefer, and let’s not forget taste - fruit in the bath is super refreshing and feels healthy. But, if chocolate is promising to make you feel the self-love then indulge away! 

Sipping a glass of wine or G&T can also make your bath feel particularly luxurious but do be careful not to drink too much in the bath. If you’re having an alcohol-free evening (or are always alcohol-free) then why not make yourself a special drink, like a virgin cocktail or pour yourself a glass of Nozeco.

To soak and nurture your lovely skin you may opt for an oil bath. You can even use the Olive & Joyce facial oil cleanser for this. A few drops in your bath and your whole body can benefit from the deep softening power of natural oils. Of course, the downside to using oil in the bath is some oils can make the hair appear greasy so you may want to avoid getting your hair wet.

Alternatively, you can use bath salts to soothe those muscles and create that calming atmosphere. Our Hideway Bath Salts are a crystalised concoction of dead sea salt, lavender oil, coconut milk powder, frankincense and sweet orange oil. Or, if you’re looking to find that Yin-Yang balance, you might opt for The Melody Bath Salts to salt your skin with the gorgeous mineral goodness of the Dead Sea, magnesium, cedarwood oil, jojoba oil and many other silky skin essentials.

When you finally get to the point where it’s necessary to leave the bathtub - if you’re like me this is the point where my fingers and feet are pruning so much it’s starting to become uncomfortable - then do so slowly and spend time towelling yourself dry before putting on your comfiest bathrobe. Then, close up those pores and lock in all that moisture with The Olive Rose, our beautiful blend of butters and oils for an all-natural body cream that will not only help your skin feel beautiful but will make you smell amazing too.

For more on a super-gorgeous bath experience, check out our guide on How To Make Your Bath Time Eco-Friendly.

An At-Home Foot Spa Experience

If you’re beginning with a bath for your at-home spa experience, then you probably don’t need a separate foot bath. However, if a soak isn’t part of your evening then bring out the foot bath spa or the washing-up bowl - works for me - and sink those feet in some lovely warm water. Not only will this help to clean them but it will soften the skin.

I'll often use an at-home spa experience to give my feet a mini-pedicure then I’ll massage in some Sleepy Joyce foot cream. The skin on our feet is thicker and tougher than on other parts of our body and it’s getting a lot of use too. Whilst walking a lot is good for our health, it’s important to regularly restore the skin's moisture on our tootsies and a more penetrating cream, like ours, is ideal for plumping up dry and worn-out skin.

Facials, Face Masks, A Good Scrub And Other Beautifying Tricks For the Face

If you follow my blog or my social media then you’ll know I’m an advocate of simplicity in skincare. The beauty industry will tell you you need 24 creams, 12 types of face masks and at least 7 restorative treatments just to keep you from looking like the Cyrpt Keeper, but - and I’m not necessarily calling our corruption here, I’m just saying - they benefit financially from convincing you need a pick ‘n mix level of variety when it comes to skincare products. You don’t. You need water (from the tap), oil (for cleansing) and moisturiser. Once a week though, a good scrub should be applied to get right into those pores and give your face a deep clean. Ours is coffee-flavoured, all-natural (naturally) and is food for the face. The Clean Slate Face Scrub is ideal for exfoliating the skin before you apply a face mask or face cream.

Now, to bring some creativity to your at-home spa experience, why not save yourself from unnecessary spending and make your own face mask? It will be fresher, will feel and smell delicious and works just as well (if not better) than branded face masks. Check out my facemask recipes here.

Hand Treatments

Don’t forget those hands. They’re incredibly busy and deserve a little time to feel the moisture, the massage and the love. Soak those fingers to soften the skin and then smother them in hand cream. Preferably our Utopia lovely Lemmony Hand Cream, which is available on its own or in our Tips To Toes Bundle together with our Sleepy Joyce foot cream.

At-Home Treatments For The Eyes

There is absolutely nothing you need to put on your eyes. The skin around your eyes tends to be thinner and doesn’t need lots of products. Your face cream is perfectly suitable for the areas around your eyes - especially if it’s Olive & Joyce face cream because it’s packed with moisture. If your eyes are puffy then you may use a cooling eye mask or cucumber slices, but honestly, a more effective treatment would be an early night.

Slip into bed all freshly clean and pampered and let your beautiful body rest. After all, there’s a very good reason it’s called ‘beauty’ sleep.

At-Home Spa Experience Package

For the ultimate at-home spa experience, we have a luxury bundle of beautiful blessings including our face scrub, bath salts, body cream and hair oil. Far more cost-effective than a spa trip and you can use these products every week for that essential ‘you time’. The Beautiful Bath Bundle also makes a lovely gift for a loved one who wants to feel super-loved.

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