Chinese Face Mapping Consultation

How To Use Chinese Face Mapping To Improve Your Skin And Your Health

Face mapping is not exclusive to Chinese culture. It has been practised across the world by various societies and it has been used to read emotional state as well as physical health. Chinese face mapping though, is the most well-known method and it is often incorporated into Chinese medicine.

The basic theory behind Chinese face mapping is that different parts of our face are linked to different organs, much like pressure points on the feet are believed to link to other parts of the body in reflexology. Based on the idea that stress, anxiety and bad health interrupt the flow of energy (qi) through the body, much Chinese medicine is founded on interpreting signs in one part of the body to identify problems in another.

Face mapping is no different, except that the skin on the face is not treated directly but rather the part of the body thought to have provoked this skin reaction is instead the focus for healing. The end hope is that this will lead to improving skin health and appearance also.

Does Chinese Face Mapping Work?

As with many alternative therapies and practices, there is no scientific evidence that face mapping works.

Chinese and other alternative medicine practitioners believe that energy travels to and from organs to the skin and muscles in other parts of the body through our cardiovascular and/or nervous systems, which may explain why holistic therapies can sometimes seem to have a strong effect on health conditions, even the more serious ones. Others claim that the benefits of reflexology and other alternative therapies are merely a placebo effect. Yet, despite some scepticism, many people (including medical professionals) believe there is real value in alternative medicine. Some dermatologists even use Chinese face mapping, or a related type of face mapping, in their diagnosis.

And me? Well, after many years now in skincare and in helping people identify the root causes of skin problems, I swear by Chinese face mapping!

Find the cause of the problem and you can solve it - that’s my approach!

Chinese face mapping allows us to do this and all too often the problem isn’t the skin at all but some other part of the body that is presenting its distress the only way it can visibility do so - on the skin!

How Does Lifestyle Affect Our Skin?

Whether you’re a believer in alternative medicines in general or not, you know that our appearance often mirrors our lifestyle. Everyone can read their faces to an extent - when a heavy weekend shows up in the pigmentation of our skin or when our eyes lose that sparkle when we’re under stress. We see it in each other too which is sometimes how we can tell someone is going through a rough time, or has improved health, without even speaking to them.

Stress and anxiety affect our skin but often the issues show up first in our gut, our livers, our kidneys and so on and the skin is just where the problem first presents itself.

So, let’s look at how Chinese face mapping works and what it can tell us about our general health.

Here is a simplified image to show the basics of Chinese face mapping:

Chinese Face Mapping Basics

What Your Eyes Can Tell You About Your Health

The eyes may be the window to the soul but they’re also the window to what might be going on inside. Specifically, dark circles under the eyes, according to Chinese face mapping, are a sign of discomfort in the kidneys. Our kidneys regulate our fluid levels and detoxify the body. Therefore, circles or puffiness under the eyes can be a sign that the kidneys are struggling.

If you feel there may be other signs of kidney problems then consult a doctor. If not, then you may ease this by drinking more fluids and limiting your sugar intake.

Stress and lack of quality sleep may also contribute to tired-looking eyes as this puts additional pressure on the kidneys too.

Skin Problems On The Forehead

The forehead is large so getting spots or flare-ups in certain parts of the forehead can signify problems in several parts of the body. The key ones are as follows:

Small Intestine

This is the small part of the bowel so if you’re seeing skin irritation or dryness in the upper central part of your forehead then you may want to look at gut health. This usually means diet but it can also be emotional since we are increasingly learning the effects of anxiety and stress on our digestion.


Our heart health shows in the skin just over the brows according to Chinese face mapping. This is not a typical area of irritation for the skin so it may be worth trying to improve your heart health if you’re experiencing problems here. You can do this by controlling your cholesterol, quitting smoking (if you smoke), exercising more to build up your heart strength and keeping a healthy weight. You may also need to consider whether you may be under emotional pressure that can cause high blood pressure. If you are then finding ways to cope with this stress, whether that’s mindfulness or delegation, should be a priority.


Your liver helps you maintain healthy levels of blood sugar. Skin irritations between the brows and/or on the temples may be connected to liver distress. We can support liver health by limiting alcohol intake, exercising and eating well.

Inflammation, Redness And Pimples On The Cheeks

Irritation in the skin on your cheek area relates, according to Chinese face mapping, to issues stemming from the stomach. For good stomach help you should look first to diet. Try eliminating certain types of foods to see if this makes a difference to your digestion as you may be experiencing food intolerances. Problems in this area may also be temporary and a result of a stomach virus or IBS symptoms.

Skin Problems In the Chin Area

Linked to our reproductive system, skin problems in the chin area for women are likely to be a result of fluctuations in hormones. This is why some women experience acne around the mouth and chin during periods when our hormones are more active, such as in adolescence and again later in our 30s. See my article on Adult Acne Causes And Cures to learn more.

Hormone-induced skin problems can be more tricky to deal with but taking care of diet and general health, especially around menstruation, can help. Good hygiene is also essential as the smallest toxins can take advantage when your defences are down.

Last Words On Chinese Face Mapping

I believe energy flows through our bodies and so everything is connected. That’s why Chinese face mapping makes sense to me. I’ve also used it to help clients improve their skin health and recommend the best skincare products for their conditions and challenges.

It’s important to emphasise that if you are experiencing any internal problems, or are concerned that any of your organs are struggling, you must consult a doctor. Furthermore, although skin problems may be a sign of poor health in other parts of your body, it is also important to keep good hygiene and to stick to a very simple, consistent skincare routine.

Lastly, if you are struggling to find the right skincare or unveil the causes of your skin problems, then book a personal skincare consultation with me. A consultation includes a one-to-one session (via Zoom) and also includes both the face oil and the face cream I end up recommending for you. I’ll also tell you what your skin might be trying to say and how you can better support it to improve its health, happiness and appearance.

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