The 2022 Beatuy Trends We Love

The 2022 Beauty Trends We Love (even though we’re not trendy)

2022 Beauty Trends We Love

I’m not the kind of person you’d expect to speak about beauty trends. Yes, I love skincare. I love how looking good can help you feel good and how feeling good can transform your appearance. I can’t get enough of all the wonderful, juicy, magical gifts of nature that I squeeze, grate, stir into my skincare range. I’ll never stop being amazed at how well these all-natural ingredients hydrate, firm, balance and brighten my skin. However, I’m not a wearer of make-up, nor a big follower of trends.

So why talk about the 2022 beauty trends?

Perhaps it’s because, as you’ll read in this article, many of the trends this year relate to eco-friendly product choices and minimal make-up, both moves I’m more than on board for. Possibly, I’ve reflected that after two years of lockdowns, pandemic anxiety and the looming threat of a cost of living crisis, we’re desperately in need of some optimism. Researching and uncovering the 2022 beauty trends expected to be big this year has, it has to be said, put a little pep in my step.

It’s a little strange to see the fashions and fixations of my teens return to be embraced by today's teenage girls. The wide-legged low-rise jeans and the spaghetti-strap tops. The 90s version of the 70s flares that we paired with skimpy camisoles. I’m going to talk a little about the Y2K style resurgence in just a few minutes, but in answer to why I’m finding myself excited by the 2022 beauty trends, I wonder if it's that there’s some nostalgia attached. Or maybe, it's because the style of the late 90s and early 2000s was about being bold, having fun with fashion and celebrating colour. It was not a sophisticated look - it was exactly what style should be - playful. It’s reminded me of the simple joy of playing with our appearance. Something we do from a very young age and something we sometimes grow up to feel is frivolous or childish.

Yet, I’m coming to thinking that an evening of brushing my brows, practising bold eyeliner wings and patting body glitter onto my collarbone is in fact the most innocent and fun way to head into a year for which we’re going to need some rose-coloured glasses (not currently trending but I’ll keep you updates).

Here are the 2022 beauty trends that we love - I hope you have an extraordinary amount of fun with them.

Minimal Make-Up And A Ridiculous Amount Of Blush

Blusher in 2022 Trend Natural Foundation Heavy Blush

As an advocate for proper skincare, I’m always pleased to hear that minimal make-up is being advised. If we’re really honest, we know it’s not the best stuff to coat our skin in. Although tempting to cover up troubled skin, the best thing we can usually do is allow it to breathe. Having said that, there are a few better options for lightweight foundations nowadays that aren’t full of yucky chemical toxic ingredients. So if you absolutely can’t bring yourself to forgo the foundation, opt for an organic brand that will be more sensitive to your skin. However, if you are ready to ditch the heavy make-up then guess what - you’re right on-trend.

In 2022 we’re looking at a minimalist approach to make-up BUT…wait for it…a ridiculous amount of blush! See? Didn’t I tell you this was going to be fun?


Ok, so it’s not an 80s Cindy-doll kind of look we’re reaching for. Pinks are still popular but this year the catwalks are also embracing more orange and even purple tones. You’ll want to aim not for the apples of the cheeks but the tops of the cheekbones, near the outer edges of your eyes. Hint - this part isn’t supposed to look natural. It's more Bowie-esk and if there’s anyone we should take style tips from then that would be David Bowie.

Eco-Friendly Beauty

I’m absolutely delighted to tell you that eco-driven beauty is still on the rise! There is so much toxicity in the beauty industry. Apart from the harsh chemicals often used, the packaging is usually not environmentally friendly and some of the ingredients are unethically sourced. Whilst beauty has taken onboard the consumer demand for planet-friendly products, many have been dragged kicking and screaming into this so do beware of greenwashing.

Generally, you can rely more on companies who launched with ethical values, such as the Body Shop and Superdrug who made their own-brand products vegan and cruelty-free before it was popular. Buying ethically sourced eco-friendly products is also an opportunity to support small businesses though as they are more often built on these values and their reputations are more fragile. That being, they are less likely to be acting unethically behind closed doors.

If eco-friendly, natural, vegan skincare is important to you then do have a browse through the Olive & Joyce range. For me, taking care of our skin is about loving, nurturing and caring for ourselves, and you know what? That’s what we should be doing for the planet too. That’s why my natural skincare products will always reflect my values - care of the self and care of our world. 

Dramatic Eyes And Naked Lips

As an off-shoot of the Y2K trend, we’re big on eyes this year. However, there’s something else that’s been driving this and that’s facemasks. Wearing a facemask renders lipstick redundant, not to mention that it makes the inside of your mask look like some kind of bloody horror scene. As a result, nude lips are back and it’s also led many to divert their attention to the eyes.

Winged eyeliner is back and it’s back brighter. We’re seeing bright colours and those Y2K icy blues back with some braver beauty-lovers going for more abstract looks. It’s a really fun artistic style that’s showing a shift in the contouring trend where the aim is to pass our faces off a slimmer and more defined. This new trend is all about finding the joy in the beauty game again and it’s a lot more interesting and expressive than the airbrushed-on-the-streets look we’ve been over-exposed to for the last few years.

Winged Eyeliner In Blue Y2K Trend

Y2K Style

The Y2K trend relates to the styles prevalent in the last 90s and particularly the early 2000s. 

Clothing-wise it’s fairly basic - wider jeans and trousers with simple string-strapped tops. Even thongs are back! Remember the whale tail look? I’d have bet good money that would be trend never to be resurrected but, against all odds, we’re once again seeing those thong strings up on the sides at the hips. Think I’ll pass on that one!
Y2k Trend in 2022 Make-Up Beauty Trends 2000s  90s 2000s fashion beauty trends back in 2022
The Y2K look relies on funking up more basic outfits with fun accessories. Tiny bags, chunky belts, bedazzled jackets and body glitter. Bubblegum pink, shimmer and jewels- there’s no subtlety in the Y2K resurgence.

As stated, I’m not big on trends. I’m more of a ‘find a style that suits you and stick with it’ kind of gal. But this look is pure fun and self-expression. Besides, after the past couple of years, surely it's the perfect time for a splash of colour!

Bushy Brows

Brows are still big this year - and I mean that literally. No more painted sleek looking lines though, this time we’re going for that soft fluffier style. Use a brow brush to comb the inner parts of your brows upwards and sweep the brush down to the outer brow, fluffing a little as you go. Think the just-got-out-of-bed look, but for your eyebrows. So put that brown brow pencil away because we’re going bare and natural in 2022. 

Bushy Brows Eyebrow Trend In 2022

Now for my disclaimer. If you’re going to wear make-up and it brings you joy and confidence to do so, then go have fun with it, but - don’t neglect your skincare. All make-up, even the organic all-natural kind, dries the skin and clogs the pores. So, invest in some super-hydrating moisturiser and good cleansing oil. You’ll want to moisturise your skin before applying any make-up and you must remember to remove your make-up at night to allow the skin time to breathe. Cleanse your skin to open up the pores and then rinse with cold water to rid them of any make-up. Lastly, massage a rich all-natural face cream into your skin to look in that moisture. 

Don’t forget to take care of your skin because whilst trends and fashion may come in and out of style, your natural beauty never will.


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