Top Beauty Trends For 2023

Top Beauty Trends For 2023

If you’ve read any of my blogs or met me for even 2 minutes, you may have gathered I’m not a big trend follower. I’m more of a ‘ohhhhh that’s pretty - I want’ instinctive sort of shopper. Still, every year I love having a snoop around what is supposedly going to be in fashion and the top beauty trends. It’s often quite amusing. 

This year though, there are a few trends I’m all for - including the ‘soft goth’ look inspired by Netflix’s Wednesday series.

So, as you no doubt have been craving, here are some of the top beauty trends for 2023 and my take on them:

Hair Trends Of 2023

This year brings a new wave (pun totally intended) of alphabet haircuts. Yeah - I’m not quite sure either. I’m familiar with the V-shaped hair cut but this month I’ve been learning about the U style and the um…C?

The C angle refers to the front layers which appear to be favouring a curvy C shape this year. It’s actually a lovely, 70s-reminiscent style that heightens the cheekbones and can soften a more blunt haircut.

The U cut, which I did manage to accurately predict, refers to the shape in the length when it's shorter on the sides gradually curving down so the hair is longest in the middle-back of the cut.

Hair Trends Of 2023 U shaped hair cut

Lucky for me - it’s all about mid-length cuts this year. Once again favouring that 90s style, we’re going with the not-quite short and not-quite long look for your locks. Continuing the feathery natural look of 2022, it’s still all about layers. Flicking in all directions seems to be the general idea for ultimate texture and dreamy boho vibes.

Mid Length Hair Cut Hair Trends Of 2023

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Nail Trends Of 2023

I’m not sure I’ve ever noticed nail styles trending before but perhaps I haven’t been paying attention. For instance, I didn’t realise that chrome and metallic nails were HUGE last year, but, to my great relief, I haven’t missed out since the trend is set to continue into 2023. Some are going full-on all-over chrome whereas others are just focusing on gold, silver or bronze tips. It’s not exactly a natural look but it does make one feel a bit fancy, which is always fun.

Metallic And Chrome Nails Nail Trends Of 2023

If the more natural look is more you then the French Manicure remains popular, as all the best classics do. Unlike some years though, nails don’t need to be inches long to pull off this look. 2023 is happier with petite rounded nails sporting white tips. BUT - hold the front door because I’m hearing that the tips don’t need to be white. In fact, fingernail tips are being seen in a range of colours - just on the top edge though.

Painted French Nails Coloured Nail Tips

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Makeup Trends Of 2023

Obviously, I’m not a massive fan of make-up. It’s not great for your skin and, as your skin’s number one advocate, I’m always going to warn you against putting anything on your skin that prevents it from fully breathing. However, the make-up trends of 2022 and going through 2023 are very ‘minimal foundation’. Focusing instead on statement lips and eyes. Perhaps it’s the effect of post-lockdown blues combined with economic fragility wearing us down that’s sparked a playfulness in make-up trends. Or maybe statement makeup just gets more traffic on Tik Tok. Either way, my favourite trending make-up styles in 2023 are as follows:

Statement Lips

I love this one because the look is unpolished. This off-duty-model style requires minimal, if any, foundation with maybe just a touch of shimmer or highlighter on the cheeks. Eyes should also be kept fairly bare so the lips do the talking (pun totally intended). When it comes to the mouth it’s a case of the bolder the better. Whether sporting dramatic pillar box red or a moodier touch of purple rouge, you’ll want to line your lips with something a shade darker than your lipstick. The matte effect is also on its way out to make room for vinyl lips - hyper gloss so shiny it’s reflective. Or, you may prefer the less varnished lip look that’s all about darker shades and upholds the soft goth look we’re about to introduce you to.

Statement Lips Makeup Trend Of 2023

Soft Goth

Reminiscent of the 90s grunge girl style, this trend is brought to you by the hit sensation of Netflix’s Wednesday series. The Wednesday Addams deliciously dark aesthetic has triggered a trend of, what is becoming known as, soft goth makeup. It’s goth because it’s dark, with eye shadows blended into that smokey look flanked with black eyeliner and deep purplish lipsticks. It’s soft because it should be smudged and lips should be slightly glossed but, essentially, because skin should not be pasted with heavy foundation as has been a key part of previous gothic make-up fashions. Instead, it should be dewy which means minimal powder or foundation. However, a little highlighting or contouring is encouraged to accentuate cheekbones, so long as it’s kept subtle.

Soft Goth Makeup Trend Of 2023 Smoky Eyes In Black

Euphoria Effect

A look that has been trending for a while now, its popularity was also triggered by a hit TV show, this time HBO’s Euphoria, which follows a group of teenagers as they navigate a range of issues whilst sporting some seriously sparkly sequined make-up. It’s an extension of the Y2K fashion that was big last year and isn’t a trend that’s set to slow down. In terms of makeup, it’s all about embellishing so stock up on rhinestones and gems because they won’t just be popular again around the eyes but also on the body. Pearly and glittery eyeshadows and blush also make the kind of fun carefree statement this look is going for.

Euphoria Makeup Trend Of 2022 Sequins And Glitter

Beauty Trends Of 2023

Skincare doesn’t really trend. Anyone making claims about skincare trends is probably trying to sell you unnecessary products. Yet the way we care for our skin, of course, develops and changes. In recent years, consumers have been craving simpler routines and fewer products which makes me eternally happy. Why? Because your skin needs simplicity. So your beauty drawer shouldn’t contain more than 5 products ideally, the two essentials being moisturiser and cleanser. Our skin is designed to take care of itself, so adding lots of creams and formulas can often do more harm than good, depriving the skin of its natural oils and confusing our natural inbuilt self-care system. However, our skin does have to contend with modern problems it wasn't designed to deal with, such as pollution, indoor heating, air conditioning and make-up. Hence, a little extra assistance can help rather than hinder. This is one of the main reasons I advocate for all-natural products, because if you’re assisting what is natural then surely the formula can only be found in nature?

In 2023, we will also see the move towards more ethical beauty continue and are looking forward to other beauty brands joining our world of cruelty-free ethically-sourced skincare.

As for us? Olive & Joyce are all about timeless beauty so we’ll continue to handmake your luxury all-natural face creams and oil cleansers speciality alchemised for acne-prone skin, rosacea-prone skin, pro-ageing, dry and sensitive skin, skin tone correction and combination skin.

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