Welcome to Menopause March

Welcome to Menopause March

Yes, that’s a thing! I’ve just made it one because menopause is still such a taboo and that’s not ok.

Younger women don’t like to think about it. Menopausal women struggle to talk about it. Employers, leaders and decision makers know very little about it. Men - well, do you know one that could tell you three facts about menopause without at least one troping some inaccurate sexist stereotype?

So, we need to talk about this lovelies!

We Need To Talk About Menopause Signs

Menopause is something many of us are going to either go through or see our loved ones through and everyone’s experience of menopause varies. We need to arm ourselves with information, build tribes and share our experiences.

This March is dedicated to the topic of menopause. We’re going to:

- Learn more about menopause

- Start discussions around menopause

- Look at how aging might affect us physically and emotionally

- Celebrate some amazing post-menopausal/menopausal women

- Talk to the experts

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